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XOOPS及びXOOPS Cubeは日本でもっとも普及しているCMS(コンテンツ管理システム)Webアプリケーションです。XUGJはXOOPS Cubeの各種マニュアルやQ and A、フォーラムなどXOOPSユーザーに情報を発信す
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FileMaker Pro Help and Support Community
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Code Forums, PHP, Java, C, C++, C#, Python, Perl, VB, ASP.NET, .NET, HTML, Javascript, Forum, Tutorial, Example, Script, Method, Function, Web, Programming, Linux, Security
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LUGNET: The international fan-created LEGO Users Group Network -- where LEGO enthusiasts of all ages find information, meet one another, and share ideas. As an independent site by fans, for fans, it is neither owned nor operated by the LEGO Company.
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FileMaker Pro Resources,Questions, Answers, Solutions, Articles, Tips & Techniques.
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Paint Shop Pro Users Group (PSPUG): Online Community for users of Paint Shop Pro
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LIMUG website is dedicated to all things Apple. If it is a Mac or Mac related it fits
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Commodore Computer Club and Users Group Serving Vancouver, Washington and the PDX Portland, Oregon Metropolitan Area
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This is a discussion forum relating to Apple Logic Studio
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PDXCUG is Portland Oregon's Official Commodore Users Group
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