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Learn to Meditate Effortlessly. Get you FREE Demo CD Today! Holosync sound technology creates deep, super-pleasurable meditative states, razor-sharp thinking, quantum leaps in self-awareness. Experience the most powerful personal growth, self-help and mind development tool in the world.
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On Truth and Reality - Uniting Metaphysics, Philosophy, Physics and Theology (Science and Art) from One Thing, Absolute Space and the Spherical Standing Wave Structure of Matter. From Matter as 'Particles' generating 'Fields' in 'Space-Time', to Matter as
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Music, health and education audio and book publishers: music medicine, music instruction, weight loss, alternative therapies.
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Your online source for new age and metaphysical articles on all topics from A to Z
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PsiTek - Free downloads of life-changing ebooks
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Spiritual Forums offers discussions, links, articles, reviews, chat rooms and more on spirituality, supernatural, paranormal, philosophical and religious topics. Members can request readings from mediums and clairvoyants, report experiment results, and much more... Please join us today!
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Your source for real ghost stories. Submit your paranormal experience!
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Presenting an integral, gnostic, and empathic paradigm of transformation of the Earth from duality to divinisation.
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An electronic journal of philosophy, promoting the principles and the further development of the Critical Philosophy of Immanuel Kant, Arthur Schopenhauer, and the Friesian School, i.e. Jakob Fries, Leonard Nelson, Rudolf Otto, Karl Popper, F.A. Hayek, etc.
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Metaphysics Colleges, Metaphysical University, Spiritual Enlightenment, Metaphysical Degree, Metaphysical Education, Metaphysics Degree, Metaphysics, Meditation Techniques, Meditation Classes
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A Hindu monastery-temple complex in Hawaii of the Tamil Saivite tradition, home to two dozen monks, pilgrimage destination for sincere devotees, highly respected producer of contemporary, world-class, Hindu religious publications
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The integrated subjects of the mind and reality are Consciousness, Metaphysics, Quantum Physics, Psychology, Philosophy, Law of Attraction and Reality Creation.
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Expert psychic readings by sensitive professionals, gifted mediums, animal communicators, medical intuitives, spiritual counselors. Phone, email, chat, complete metaphysics resource center
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The Kevin Smith Show is the paranormal and ufo talk radio show with info about ufo and alien, paranormal, planet-x, nasa, nibiru, roswell, ghosts, evp, ancient mysteries, it\'s all right here.
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World Rank: 233488Age: 14 yearsPagerank: pr 5 Magazine and community.
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The Veritas Show with Mel Fabregas is a weekly show exploring exopolitics, UFO and paranornmal phenomenona, conspiracies and current world events. Because you don't want to believe. You want to know.
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Your online source for psychic and medium information. Submit your psychic experience!
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Thomas Campbell's Big Picture "Theory of Everything",
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Medical Intuitive and Energy Healing practitioner who will help you understand your medical or personal issues surrounding disease.
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