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How to eat healthy: diets, recipes and more from Dr. Gourmet, a medical doctor and a chef.
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Go Dairy Free is updated daily with product reviews, recipes, and food news. The site caters to milk allergies, lactose intolerance, vegan living, and gluten-free diets with a wealth of health information and useful tools.
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Our Favorite Health Products sells skin care and other cosmetics from L'Erbolario and neobio and dietary supplements shown to be efficacious by clinical and other studies in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Products include a fiber supplement, Konsyl, a laxative, SennaPrompt, for occasional use, a probiotic to treat lactose intolerance, DairyCare, for those that need it, an omega-3 fish oil, Nordi
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Learn about LACTAID® Products and how they can help you obtain the recommended daily amount of calcium in your diet.
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O Semlactose traz informações sempre atualizadas sobre a intolerância à lactose, receitas sem lactose, alimentos e produtos sem lactose
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Get relief from occasional digestion issues with Digestive Advantage with probiotics and digestive enzymes that relieve gas, lactose pain and more.
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Recent Public Health Advices for Better Life
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Lactose Solutions - your source for Disolact Lactase Capsules and Lactase Drops
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A 500-page web site on India's dairy industry, it documents what the industry needs and what it has to offer to the world dairy industry. It also reaches out to investors, entrepreneurs, professionals and researchers in India and overseas.
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Discover Lactofree, the lactose free dairy range full of taste
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MEGGLE AG Unternehmensgruppe - Business To Business Portal
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The ultimate information source on lactose intolerance - causes, treatments, and cures. Includes lactose free recipes, a survey, and blog.
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