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DreamHost Web Hosting - Providing scalable Linux-based web hosting and FREE domain registration. Offering PHP, Perl/CGI, MySQL, SSL, Jabber, Ruby on Rails, RealMedia, and much more!
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Manage all your existing IM, email, and social network accounts from one easy to use application.
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Miranda IM - Home of the Miranda IM client. Smaller, Faster, Easier
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Wir bieten dir kostenlos unbegrenzten, werbefreien Webspace ohne Traffic-Limit mit PHP, FTP, MySQL-Datenbanken. Mail-Versand und Downloads erlaubt. Free!
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SiteJabber is a consumer protection site that lets people research and review online businesses and websites. Search for reviews or complaints on any website.
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Real-time chat and monitoring of your website visitors through Google Talk and Jabber
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Web tools for everyone! Reliable support, excellent coding, thousands of happy clients - PHPjabbers.com
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Trillian - Windows, iPhone, and Web based instant messenger. Supports Astra, Windows Live, Facebook, Twitter, Yahoo, MySpace, AIM, Email, Google Talk, Skype, ICQ, Jabber, IRC, Bonjour, and more!
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Vtipné nebo jinak zajímavé útržky komunikace z ICQ, MSN, Yahoo, Jabber, QIP, Miranda, Google talk, AIM a chatu.
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www.kretyn.com - znajdź siebie! - cytaty z IRC, Gadu-Gadu, czatów i innych komunikatorów. Fortunki, zabawne teksty to codzienność. Katalog śmiesznych cytatów i opisów z GG. Humor internetowy. Fun. Lepsze niż debilne opisy!
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Manage all your existing IM and social network accounts from one easy to use application. Free Calls and Videochat included. Runs on all platforms.
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взгляд профана на интернет-технологии
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meebo, the web's instant messenger, lets you access IM from absolutely anywhere. meebo supports msn, yahoo, aol/aim, google talk (gtalk), jabber and icq.
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Сервис пересылки электронной почты с SMS-, Jabber-, Mail.Ru Агент- и ICQ-уведомлениями о пришедшей почте.
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meebo.cz - online klient pro icq, google talk, msn, yahoo, aim a jabber, www.meebo.cz / www.meebo.com
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ProcessOne is a company specialized in high-performance enterprise messaging solutions. The company provides solutions for the XMPP and SIP protocols.
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