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Software for Retail,Distribution and Retail Chain business. Automation of trading, inventory management, accounting and business intelligence.
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With over 20 years of experience, Silverware designs, implements and supports customized business management solutions for mid-sized businesses. Staffed by seasoned professionals with expertise in accounting, software engineering and business processes, we deliver “no compromise” solutions that support the way you work, giving you powerful tools to tackle today’s problems and manage tomorrow
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Welcome to IBS - The home of global distribution software, services and the latest cutting-edge thinking.
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Try out our Water Distribution Software and HEC-RAS/HEC-2 software automated in AutoCAD.
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TECSYS Inc. is an industry-leading Supply Chain Management software company providing powerful warehouse management, distribution management and transportation management software solutions.
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The industry-leading wholesale distribution software solutions, ERP A+, ERP FACTS and ERP SX.e from Infor Global Solutions. Free Flash demo and brochure.
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Cove Systems Inc., The publishers and developers of Stream V, integrated business accounting software for the discreet manufacturing, distribution and wholesale business.
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Datatrac Corporation is the leading technology provider for courier software, dispatch management, shipment tracking, proof of delivery, GPS tracking and signature capture for couriers, agents, shippers and freight forwarders.
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Microsoft Partners Provide Information and Solutions for Companies in the Process of Choosing Distribution Software
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Prophet 21 wholesale distribution software enables you to adapt to changes in the marketplace and maintain your competitive advantage.
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