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Easily curate engaging magazines. Effectively feed your web presence.
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Sharing news, video and picture from the web and viewed by user. Get the latest breaking news from other site
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Magnify powers a video 2.0 solution that increases page views and SEO, invites community contribution and curation, and lowers the cost of video content management, curation, and site construction.
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StreamServer is the worlds first Real-time as a Service offering. It gives customers the power to create highly social real-time experiences so they can monetize their content.
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The California Digital Library exists to support the University of California community’s pursuit of scholarship and to extend the University’s public service mission. Scholars will have access to the highest quality research collections worldwide through services that support and enable new scholarship and make it as open as possible. CDL will support all digital formats throughout their life
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OneSpot offers web publishers a third party content service for websites, blogs, and newsletters. Aggregate, filter, prioritize, and curate the best of the web.
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Art Blog
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Exploring the integration of technology and everyday life. News, links, faqs and hacks.
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1 Product. 24 Hours. 100% Inspiring. AHAlife is the online discovery destination where you can learn about - and purchase - the best unique products from around the world, collectively curated by our group of influential tastemakers.
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UKOLN publishes a magazine in electronic format for use over the World Wide Web. The Web magazine, Ariadne, is aimed principally at information science professionals in academia, and also to interested lay people both in and beyond the Higher Education community. Its main geographic focus is the UK, but it is widely read in the US and worldwide.
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At Crowdynews we believe that real life illustrations are essential to storytelling. Therefore we provide carefree social media integration for all online publishers, which increase traffic, drive revenue and engage users.
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Curate visual collections of the best web content found on Twitter and other social platforms.
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Content Curation Marketing for online brand leaderhip, integrated social media, lead generation, and thought leadership.
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Create, collect, organize and share your favorite things on Thingle lets you organize and share the things you are passionate about. Organize your things into personal collections. Create Collections for any topic imaginable, such as architecture, fashion, events, food, travel. The possibilities are endless.
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Gilda35 è un nonBLOG satirico: i nonPOST sono un pamphlet a puntate su internet e web 2.0, i LAB la content curation e i MEME il corollario.
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