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CG Hub is an online community where computer graphics artists share their latest work, tips, and tools, network with friends, search jobs, and more
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Home to more than 16,000 official video game artworks. Browse thumbnailed galleries for your favorite titles and explore the early stages of game design.
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Computer Graphics & Digital Art Community for Artist: Art, 3d, Vfx, Animation, Job, Tutorial, Concept Art, Portfolio, Vfx Breakdown, Making of, Art Magazine, Behind the Scenes, Plugin, Trailer, Interviews, Maya, 3ds max, Photoshop, ZBrush, Tutorials and more.. Social Network, Artists, Professional Network, Freelance and more
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The Art of Mike Mitchell.
World Rank: 85418Age: 7 yearsPagerank: pr 4 is my personal playground for 3D Car Models, Downloads, Tutorials & Free Stuff.
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Kelly Hamilton's portfolio, including illustration, concept design, pixel animation and more.
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A blog about drawing, painting, illustration, comics, webcomics, cartoons, concept art and other visual arts.
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A leading animation resource for 3D, 2D, Flash and Concept artist & graphics enthusiasts. Find #1 rated info about Art Programs, Schools, Jobs, Tutorials, Character Animation, Links, Mailing Lists
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Art-Spire, Source d'inspiration artistique. Digital Paintings, illustration, photograpie, webdesign, logo, photo-manipulation, wallpapers...
World Rank: 252326Age: 5 yearsPagerank: pr 3 ist eine Fanseite zur Science Fiction-Rollenspiel-Trilogie von Bioware, Preis für Kasumi - Stolen Memory bekannt, Neuer DLC erhältlich und mysteriöser Countdown, Mysteriöser Countdown - Teil 2, Probleme mit dem ersten Appearance-Pack von Mass Effect 2, Mass Effect 2 Parodie in Dialogen
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How to draw: Learn How to draw Manga tutorials video and step by step. Drawing woman, manga, girls, anime, comics, female, people, mecha. Also painting and coloring tutorials. Photoshop tutorials of Drawing, sketching and painting character, man, male, cartoon, illustration, body, face, eyes, figure, animal, creature, mech, spaceship, robot, fantasy, sci-fi, castle, dragon, monster, knight, princ
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Since October of 2004, Nucleus has strived to be a welcoming gathering place for the art loving community by offering quality art, art-related goods, and rarities. Focusing primarily on gallery exhibits, we have also had benefit auctions, product signings, music events, and artist lectures. Having exhibited both local artists and artists from abroad, and catering to an international customer base,
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Radoxist Studio - 3d retouching, matte painting, illustration for advertising. 3d portfolio. New studio based on 2009 in Slovakia, mainly focusing on advertising with strong attention to detail and highest quality. Cooperating with creative agencies around the world. Graphic design, art, digital art, concept art, 3d illustration, postproduction, vfx. In 3ds max, photoshop, after effects, nuke an
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We offer you press release, screen shots, boxart, renders and more all without watermarks and at NO COST to you. All you have to do it sign up!
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Concept Art World is a Concept Art Directory and Blog, featuring concept artist and news.
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TDT3D (The Dream Team) European CG Network is the independant portal for computer graphics news, gallery and portfolio, online training, forums and technics for computer graphics in 3d and 2d graphics creation with architecture, design, 3D real-time, web3d , illustration, video games, video, photography
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Blog com tutoriais, dicas, truques. Encontre tudo sobre PHP, MySQL, Flash, Photoshop, jQuery, Corel, Ajax, Javascript, Web Design, Oracle, 3D, CSS, XHTML, Fireworks, Illustrator, Frameworks, Tecnologia da Informação e muito mais.
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